Latour on design

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Bruno Latour articulated the meaning of the word used to tag this blog: “Design”. In his “A Cautious Prometheus? A Few Steps Toward a Philosophy of Design” Latour discusses the advantage of the expansion of the concept of design on a time in which we face an urge to reDesign our cities, institutions, flows, markets, nature and I ought to say even our values and conceptions.

Design is central in urban planning, agriculture, ecosystem services management and therefore acknowledging its subtleties and the fact that we practice design in the way we organize our life, can open ways of action.

A approach that interests me is what Howard Silverman discussed as “design for resilience“. He refers to applying ecological resilience principles to design.  Resilience theory can advance some key rules of thumb that if applied can enhance the capacity of systems to maintain their state.

> The build up of redundancy

> Modularity